If you want a mobile phone so you can stay connected, but you are still not ready to completely join the new digital world, then the emporiaJOY is a great choice.

This clamshell phone does everything you would need. With large clear buttons, speed dial buttons for your three favourite contacts and an external display screen so you can see who is calling before you open the phone.

There is a camera for simple snapshots and, like all emporia phones, there is an emergency button on the back to summon assistance just in case.

As a 4G enabled phone, you can get the very best sound quality of a call and it is already equipped to ensure you stay connected as the 3G network is switch off. The sound is also loud and clear and the phone is Hearing aid compatible.

The emporiaJOY comes with a charging cradle and an easy to insert USB-C charging cable.

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If you buy the emporiaJOY before 31st January 2023 from any of the online retailers listed above, we will give you a free carry pouch to protect it.