The emporiaSUPEREASY does what it says in its name – its SUPER EASY. After years of research and development we know that all customers are not the same. For many, a button phone has been the only mobile experience, but as many tasks from banking to parking need a smartphone, we built the super easy to be that perfect step. SUPER easy and super capable.

The compact, but bright and clear touch screen has a very simplified menu structure. Making a phone call has never been easier. With real buttons for accepting and ending a call. Green to accept, Red to hang up – there is no need to swipe. Almost everything can be done by a simple press of a button or icon.

All of the available functions or apps are listed on one screen and can be accessed with one simple touch. And if you need to get back to the home screen quickly, there is always a “home” button available.

This really is the entry smartphone for seniors who want to be connected with the modern world, but may never have owned a smartphone before.

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If you buy the emporiaSUPEREASY before 31st January 2023 from any of the online retailers listed above, we will send you a free carry case for your new phone.