emporia Tablet

The touch screen tablet has become a technology staple in the last few years, replacing many old PC’s.  Using smartphone technology, but giving you the power of a home computer in your hands.

Emporia has designed and developed this tablet especially for people aged 65+.

With the award winning menu structure from our smartphones, providing large icons and tiles, a clear display and many other unique features, it is perfect for seniors to learn about, and use, the internet.

Included with the tablet is a fully illustrated printed training book to help users learn at their own pace, and it comes with a useful stand that is particularly helpful when making video calls and doubles up as a charging station. It can even be wall mounted.

The emporia Tablet works using any Wi-Fi connection, but can also accept a SIM card,  which means if you don’t have home wifi, you can simply use the 4G data connection  to browse the internet, even when on the move. 

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If you buy the emporia Tablet  before 31st January 2023 from any of the online retailers listed above, we will give you a free book-style cover to protect it.