30 years of emporia

emporia was founded in 1991. We are the world's only manufacturer of smartphones, tablets, apps and feature phones to offer a complete concept for older people that includes devices suitable for senior citizens, training and a comprehensive printed training book.

It is for this reason we've been able to enjoy such success in the extremely competitive telecommunications market for 30 years.

To date, we have sold more than 15 million mobile phones and a good two million landline phones. About three million people currently use a phone made by emporia.

"Ease of use has been and still is one of the outstanding features of all emporia devices," says Eveline Pupeter, Managing Director and sole owner of emporia Telecom.


Our promise is the future is simple

30 years after the company was founded, our slogan is "Simple is the new smart". Eveline Pupeter says, "Whatever we invent, design or produce, ease of use is our top priority. Our promise is the future is simple."


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