This ground-breaking new smartphone, with its triple lens camera system, its unique smart cover and large touch screen, is changing the way the older generations interact with modern communications technology.

Not only is it an easy-to-use device, with simplified menus and large icons, the ingenious smart cover with its four responsive windows allows for far more functionality than smartphones have offered before.

With the smart cover open, the S5 works like any other smartphone and the large 5.5 ”touchscreen is easy to control. But with the cover closed, users can still make or answer calls, and can adapt their own device to show their favourite or most used functions constantly available without having to open the phone.

The triple-lens back camera has both an HD mode and an auto mode and can be used to take macro photos as well as good portrait pictures and night-time shots. And, in addition, the front camera enables you to take selfies or join in video calls with friends and family. The ultimate smartphone for performance and ease-of-use

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If you buy the emporiaSMART.5 before 31st January 2023 from any of the online retailers listed above, we will send  you a free glass high grade screen protector for your new phone.