Update V27 & SMART.4 Model 2023

emporiamobile/ Update V27-LTE

Dear user, dear Emporia customer,


If you use a SIMPLICITY V27 phone, we invite you to download and install the latest software version available on your phone in order to resolve malfunctions that may be encountered on certain devices. 

To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. Check that the battery is at least 30% charged (downloading will only be possible with sufficient battery power);

2. Open Menu ☰ -> Tools -> System update.

3. Press Verify.

4. You will be informed of the availability of a new update. In this case, click on Download to download the update.

5. When the download is complete, select Update to install the update. You will be informed that you will not be able to use your phone during the update.

Do not press On/Off during the update, and do not use your phone until you have received the "Installation successful" notification.

Please note that this update can only be carried out with a mobile data subscription.

emporiamobile/ Update SMART.4

Emporia is constantly developing the software for your smartphone and will send you a message whenever you need to perform an update. It is important to carry out these updates! If you don't, some applications may no longer work properly.

How do I install updates for the emporia interface and the emporia apps? Updates are not difficult to perform. Allow approx. 15 minutes to carry out all the steps.

  • Check that your battery is at least 30% charged.
  • Tap on the notification for the update.
  • Tap on CHECK UPDATE. Then start downloading the data available by tapping on DOWNLOAD.
  • Once the download has been completed, select UPDATE NOW to install the update.
  • A notice will appear. Read it carefully and then tap on OK.

The update process will now begin and could take some time.

  • During this process, your phone will restart and then perform updates for many of your apps. Please do not interrupt the process, even if it's taking longer than expected!
  • When the update is complete, a notice will appear telling you it has been successfully installed. Close this message by tapping on OK.

What will happen if I don't perform an update?

  • If you just ignore and delete notifications for updates, the technology on your smartphone will no longer be up to the latest standard, meaning any known security holes and function errors won't be resolved.
  • You will also keep receiving notifications asking you to perform the update.

Can an update also have a negative effect?

  • Every update requires storage space on your phone. Older models in particular may slow down as the years go by because of their operating system and apps taking up so much space. If this occurs, delete apps and also other files such as photos, videos and the like from your phone to free up storage space.