What is the ASHA protocol?

The ASHA protocol was developed to enable wireless audio transmission from various devices, such as smartphones or TV sets, directly to hearing aids.

It facilitates access to digital content for people with hearing difficulties and enables them to have an improved listening experience. Audio content such as phone calls, music, podcasts or videos are streamed directly into the hearing aids without the need for additional devices such as headphones.

ASHA stands for "Audio Streaming via Bluetooth Hearing Aids".

Can all devices use the ASHA protocol?

It is important to note that not all hearing aids or all smartphones support the ASHA protocol, as this depends on the specific technical equipment of the hearing aid.

To find out whether your hearing aid or smartphone supports the ASHA protocol, please refer to the technical information in the manuals.

Does the ASHA protocol have to be selected separately for the Bluetooth connection?

No, this is not necessary. If both your hearing aid and your smartphone support the ASHA protocol, it will be used automatically as soon as a Bluetooth connection is established between the hearing aid and the smartphone.