Incoming email

The inbox is the central feature of the email app. Here you can read incoming messages, reply to them as necessary and compose your own emails.

Composing an email

If you want to send an email to a friend, relative or acquaintance, start by tapping the „Write email“ button (a).
In the window that pops up, enter the recipient in the line "To" (b) Next, tap on the "Subject" line (c) and enter a title. Then tap on the field "Compose email" to enter the text input field. Now you can write your message (d).
If you wish, you can attach a file (for example, a photo, PDF or Word document) to your message. To do this, tap on the paperclip symbol (e)at the bottom of the display, choose the file type (image or video) (f) and follow the instructions. To send your message, tap the green "Send" button (g) at the bottom edge of the screen followed by "Yes" (h).