Set up emporia Email

Alongside streaming and surfing the net, communicating with friends, relatives and acquaintances is one of the main uses of a mobile device. It is easier than ever to stay connected in (almost) real time thanks to suitable apps and the possibility of being online everywhere at all times.

Linking an email account

The emporia user interface includes an email program. To receive and compose messages, you will need to link your email account.

1. Start the linking process
Start the email application for the first time by tapping on "Email" (a). Enter your email address and the relevant password (b). Next, tap on "Manual set-up" (c).

2. Setting up the POP server
In the next window, tap on 'POP3' (d). Enter the relevant details for "POP3 server", "Port" and "Security type" (e) and tap on "Next" (f) . You will find the relevant server settings on the support page of your email provider.

In dem folgenden Fenster tippen Sie auf den Eintrag „POP3(d). In den Zeilen „POP3-Server“, „Port“ und „Sicherheitstyp“ (e) geben Sie die erforderlichen Daten ein und tippen anschließend auf “Weiter(f). Auf der Support-Seite Ihres Mail-Anbieters finden Sie die erforderlichen Servereinstellungen.

Tip: You may need to activate the POP3 function in the settings menu of your mailbox before the setup process.

3. Setting up the SMTP server
In the following window, repeat the process for the SMTP server details. Once again, you will need to enter the values for SMTP-Server“, „Port“ and "Security type" (g) according to the specifications of your email provider, then confirm your entries by pressing "Next"(h).

4. Individual account settings
After entering the relevant POP and SMTP server details, you can, if you wish, perform individual settings for account synchronisation and the frequency of email retrieval (i). Then tap "Next" (j).

5. Changing your email account name

Finally, you have the option of changing the name of your email account, and the name that will be shown on your outgoing messages (k) . Tap on "Done" (l) to complete the set-up process and go to your inbox (m).