emporia Alarm

Your smartphone's alarm clock function means it can now take over the task of your old alarm clock and wake you up every day at the time you set it to. Open the Alarm clock app on the app screen or in the "All apps" list.

Turning on the alarm clock


Activate the alarm clock "On/Off" button in "Quick settings" or in the Alarm clock app itself, so that the indicator is blue and displays "On". The alarm clock is now on.

Setting the alarm clock


  • Tap on "Alarm time" and enter your desired time using the numeric keypad.
  • Save your changes. The alarm clock will now sound at the time you have set.
  • Tap on "Alarm ringtone" to set the sound the alarm makes when it rings.

Tip: Please note that some alarm sounds are quite loud, while others are softer
and quieter. Adjust the Volume of the alarm ringtone for the alarm clock.

The alarm clock function has intentionally been kept very simple. If you require an alarm that sounds more than once a day, to remind you to take your medication for example, we recommend installing an app that meets that need.


Tip: If the phone is turned off, the alarm clock is turned off as well. The alarm will therefore not go off when the phone is off.