emporia Calendar

You can now manage your events on your smartphone and access them any time. Your digital calendar will remind you of things like events and birthdays through notifications.

Open the Calendar app on the app screen or the "All apps" list. The current month will be shown in the overview and Today's date will be in blue.

How do I enter a new event?
  • Tap on "New entry" and specify whether you want to enter an "Event" or a "Birthday".
  • Enter a "Name" for the new event.
    This name is what the event will be shown as on the calendar.
  • Now enter a time frame for the event.
    Today's date and the time 30 minutes from now will be entered by default.
  • Tap on the date and time to change these details.
  • In "Reminders", you can specify how long before the event you would like to receive a notification.
  • In "Repetition", you can set the event you've just entered to recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Don't forget to save every event you enter and any changes you make!

How can I find an event I've entered?


In the month calendar overview, the days you've entered events on will be highlighted.


  • If you tap on a day button, a list of all the hours of this day will be displayed.
  • Events that have already been entered will be highlighted by coloured areas and labelled with the name of the event.

Tip: Be aware that the list is long! Some events may not be visible at first glance. Swipe up and down over the list, so that you can see events
entered at other times of the day.

Can I search for an event?
  • To do this, tap on "New entry" in the month overview and then on "Next event" in the list that appears.
  • All your events from today's date onwards will now be listed in chronological order.
  • You can of course then tap on one of these events to open all its details and also edit the event.