emporia Info-Centre

This application provides you with an overview of all the notifications you have received regarding various apps.
Put simply, all the new notices that your phone wants to share with you are collected here. This gives you a better overview of them all and ensures you don't miss any.
They can include missed calls, new messages, WhatsApp message notifications and update notices for installed apps.


Opening a notification

Open the Info centre and tap on a notification in the list displayed. You will be taken straight to the app the notification refers to.


Deleting notifications

A notification will normally disappear as soon as you have tapped on it. Regardless of this, however, you can also delete the entire list by tapping on "Delete all".


Tip: Sometimes you may get a notification where you're not able see straight away which app it's referring to. It may be a notice from Google informing you that an update is available for one of the apps you're using. It makes sense to accept and carry out updates, because they will improve the way the app works and adapt it to Android changes. Tap on the notification to carry out the update!