emporia keyboard

Wanting to write an SMS or an email? Like computers, smartphones require a keyboard for you to perform such tasks. Whenever text input is necessary and you tap on the text input field, the software keyboard will automatically appear on the bottom half of the screen. The keyboard has a similar layout to that of a computer keyboard by default. Keyboards of this kind are known as QWERTY keyboards because of the first six letters in their first row.

The return button (1) and space bar (2) are used particularly frequently. Tap the upward-pointing arrow (3) to switch to upper case, and the "123" button (4) to open the keyboard for numbers, symbols and emoticons (smileys).

Every QWERTY keyboard consists of four rows that display letters and various symbols. The exact content of the keyboard can vary depending on what you're using it for, because the symbols are adapted to your current task.
In the first row, each button has two functions: If you tap on a button briefly, the letter will be entered in the input field, and if you tap and hold the button, (i.e. don't lift your finger off straight away), the number on the button will appear.

There are also other letters, vowels mainly, which can display other characters when they are tapped and held. These allow you to write things like letters with umlauts and special characters in other languages.

To write "ö", for example, tap and hold "o". In the additional area that now pops up, the number 9 is highlighted, which means it is currently selected.
If you lift your finger off the screen now, a 9 will be inserted in the text you're writing. To select the "ö" move your finger to the left until the "ö" is selected and only then lift your finger off the screen.

In the text input field, you will see a flashing vertical line. This is the cursor. The position of the cursor is where text will be added when you write. If you want to correct a typing error, you can move the cursor back to wherever the mistake is in the text you've already written. Simply tap where the error is and the cursor will jump back to that point. This means you can correct typing errors easily without having to delete all the text in between your current position and the error with the backspace button.

There are several different keyboards, which you can access by tapping the grey buttons.

(1) Switch to the keyboard with capital letters.
(2) Call up the keyboard displaying numbers and symbols.
(3) By tapping on this button, you can then switch again to another one with more symbols and to the keyboard with emoticons (4).
(5) Tap here to return to the standard letter keyboard

Tip: If you want to write text, but the keyboard has not yet appeared, tap briefly on the text input field.