emporia SMS Messages

This application enables you to send and receive text messages (SMSs) and multimedia messages (MMSs).
SMSs are frequently being superseded by messaging app services these days. SMSs are still convenient though in cases such as when you want to send a text message to a contact who doesn't have a smartphone yet. SMSs also work when you don't have any data reception.

writing a message

Select "Write message".
Enter the text using the keyboard on the screen.
If the on-screen keyboard doesn't open automatically, tap on the keyboard icon (1).

Sending a message

Enter a recipient that you want to send the message to. Select the field "To" or select "Send" on the keyboard.
You can now search for the recipient in your contacts, type in a phone number using the keypad or select a number from your recent calls list.

reading a message

A notification will inform you when you have received a message. Tap on a new message in "Messages" to read it. You can also tap on the notification itself to read the new message.

Drafting a message

You can switch to another application in the middle of writing a message any time. When you return to "Write message", the message you have started will be displayed.

Deleting messages

Swipe to the end of the list of recent messages and tap on "Delete". Tap on the boxes beside the messages you want to delete in order to
select them. To then remove the marked messages, press the red "Delete" button and confirm your decision when prompted by pressing "Yes".

forwarding a message

Open the message sequence that contains the message you want to forward. Tap on the message and select "Forward" in the options.
The text will be copied into a new SMS message. Here you edit the text if necessary, add the recipient and then send the message.