Phone Book

The phone book displays all the contacts available on the phone.
Unlike a feature phone, i.e. a phone with physical keys, a contact on a smartphone contains more than just the person's phone number. You can save a photo of the person, email addresses and the person's birthday as well.

Searching for a contact

In the phone book, all your saved contacts will be displayed in a list and sorted alphabetically by their first names.
Tap on a name in the list to call the contact.

Tip: If you want to get to the bottom of the contact list, the best thing to do is swipe over the head icons on the right-hand side of the screen. If you swipe over the names of the contacts, it is very easy to accidentally call a contact.

If it is taking too long to find the contact you want in the list because you've saved a large number of contacts, you can also type the first few letters of the contact into the search bar. All the contacts that begin with these letters will then be compiled in a short list.

Opening a contact record


If you want to open a contact record, tap on the contact's photo (1) and then on the "i" icon (2).
The contact record containing the contact's photo, mobile number, landline number, email address and birthday will then be displayed.

  • If you press a button in the list, the action connected to the button will be performed. For example, tapping on the phone number will start a call.
  • In "Options", you can send a message to the contact ("Send message"), send the contact details to another contact ("Send details"), view the "call history" for the contact, set the contact as a favourite ("Mark as favourite") or delete the contact record ("Delete").

editing a contact record

If you want to change existing details for a contact, select "Edit". You can then tap on the phone number, for example, change it and save the new number.

Tip: Before closing the contact record again, press the "Save" button, so that all your changes are saved.

call history for a contact


In the call history, you will see all the calls you've had with this contact. Here you can see the exact details of every call with this person.

  • You can see which days you spoke to them,
  • when each call began,
  • how long each call lasted,
  • whether they called you or you called them,
  • and any calls you missed and didn't answer.

adding a new contact

If you want to add a new contact record, tap on "Phone book" and then on "Add contact". You can now add the first name, surname, phone number and other details for the contact.