emporia Photo album

This application enables you to view and manage photos, and also activate the camera and take photos.
All the photos and videos you take yourself or receive from someone else are stored on your smartphone in a gallery, which you can think of as an electronic photo album.

The photo album displays all your photos as thumbnails and sorts them chronologically by month. You can adjust the number of photos displayed at a time using the + and - buttons, which are shown briefly when you open the photo album.

How can I view my photos?

Tap on a thumbnail in the photo album to enlarge it. You flick through all
the photos in the album by swiping horizontally.

Tip: If you tap on a photo twice in close succession, i.e. do the equivalent of a double-click on a computer, you can zoom in or out on the photo.

How can I process a photo?

If you tap on a photo, a header and footer will appear with the various options. These will disappear after a few seconds, however, so that you can look at your photo without them getting in the way.

You can do the following with the photo using the icons that appear at
the bottom of the screen:

  • Bin: Tap on this icon to delete the photo.
  • Star: Tapping the star will categorise the photo as a favourite. Favourite photos are pushed to the beginning of the photo album once they have been marked as such. This makes it easier for you to find shots that are important to you personally again.
  • Arrows: Tap on the arrows to flick through the album and switch to the next or previous photo. Swiping left or right across the current photo will do exactly the same thing.

The "Options" button at the top of the screen enables you to do the following with the photo:

  • "Delete" the photo
  • Set the photo "Set as wallpaper" on your home screen
  • "Share" the photo, i.e. send it to other people
  • "Zoom in", "Zoom out" or "Rotate" the photo
How can I send my photos to others?


If you want to send a photo to someone, select "Share" in Options. You will then be offered the opportunity to use any of the apps on your phone which allow you to send photos. Select one of them, such as WhatsApp, and specify a recipient. Make sure the phone is connected
to the Internet!

Tip: If you want to send more than one photo at the same time, tap and hold on one photo on the photo album overview screen. You can then select multiple photos and send them in one go using WhatsApp, Bluetooth, email or another application.

how can i delete photos?

You can delete several photos at the same time in the photo album.

  • To do this, swipe down to the very bottom of the album. There you'll see a "Delete" button.
  • If you tap on it, an empty box will appear in each photo.
  • You can now select several photos by tapping on their respective empty boxes. A red X will appear in each box you tap on.
  • The deletion process won't start until you tap on the red "Delete" button at the top of the screen and respond to the confirmation prompt.