emporia QR Scan

This application enables you to read QR codes. To do this, open the QRScan app or select the QRScan option in the Camera app.

How do I use the QR Scan?


  • Open the QR Scan app. On the screen, you will see the camera image with a square highlighted inside the camera frame. Now focus the phone on the QR code you want to scan while maintaining fair distance between the phone and object. Move the camera lens until the QR code is inside the highlighted square.
  • You will then see a horizontal red line moving up and down, which tells you that the camera is continuously scanning the viewfinder image. This will continue until the QR code has been read. If the image doesn't automatically come into sharp focus, tap on the screen.
  • This will automatically display the scan result, which could be a piece of information such as a web address that was concealed by the QR code symbol. Now select one of the options available: Open the web address in a browser or copy the link and send it elsewhere using another app.