emporia Smartcover

With the included Smartcover, emporia offers you a unique accessory that makes using your smartphone even easier.

There are four buttons on the front of the Smartcover with which you can perform selected functions without having to open the cover. Accepting a call or calling someone is even easier – just press a button.

Swiping and tapping on the display are dissabled and this has a particular advantage: the buttons cannot be pressed unintentionally ( so no more »pocket calls«), they only respond to the press of a finger.

How do I attach the Smartcover to the smart.5?
  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Press the back of the Smartcover onto the device as a battery cover.
    Make sure that all anchors are engaged.
  • Close the Smartcover. The flap on the front of the cover is equipped with a magnet and ensures that the cover remains closed.
  • The display is automatically adapted to the window in the cover and the buttons are illuminated.

Tip: If the smartphone is in energy-saving mode, activate the display with the on/off button.

How do I attach the Smartcover to the smart.6?
  • Place the smartphone in the smart cover.
    The cover adheres to the back of the smartphone by means of integrated magnets.
    Close the front of the cover with the magnetic tab. The display is now automatically adjusted to the smart cover.

Note: The emporia smart cover for the Smart.6 is equipped with strong magnets. Make sure that credit cards or similar items are not kept in direct contact with the smart cover.

Which functions can I link to the function buttons?


By default, the four buttons are assigned the torch, the camera and the green and red buttons for making calls and exit the function.

To change this preference, open the cover on the start screen and tap on
"Quick settings > More settings > Smartcover".

Now select one of the three predefined key assignments:

  • Functions: Assignment with green button, red button, torch, camera (the default)
  • Favourites: Assignment with the four contacts that are linked as favourites on the personal
  • Off: no assignment and buttons are not active

Tip: The function keys on the Smartcover are interactive, i.e. the assignment changes depending on which function you are currently using to enable you to do a little more.

How do I answer a call with the Smartcover?
  • When you receive a call, the top display shows who is calling and the green button flashes.
  • Press this key and the call will be accepted.
  • You do not need to open the cover to talk.
  • If you want to reject or end the call, press the red button on
    the Smartcover.

Tip: Even if the Favourites button assignment is activated, you can accept a call with the Smartcover as above.

How do I call someone with the Smartcover?

When the function keys are preset to Favourites:

  • Press the key associated with the contact you want.
  • This person will be called immediately.

Tip: It is best to save a photo to your favourites under Contacts.
Then this photo is displayed on the button on the Smartcover and not just a number.

When the function keys are preset to Functions:

  • Press the green button on the Smartcover. The list of recent calls is displayed in the window and phone book is displayed above.
  • The field for the phone book has a blue background, which means it is currently selected.
  • Press the green button and the phone book will open.
  • Two buttons are assigned arrow symbols. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the "Recent calls" list or the "phone book" until the required contact is selected.
  • Now press the green button and you call this contact.
What options do I have during a call?


During a call, the buttons on the cover change to provide additional functions:

  • Handsfree: Press this button to switch on the handsfree mode.
  • Microphone: Press this button to temporarily mute the microphone during the call.
  • Bluetooth: If the smartphone is connected to a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth icon is displayed. Press this button to switch the audio back to the handset or re-establish the Bluetooth connection.
  • Red key: Use this button to end the call.

Tip: If one of these functions is activated during a call, the corresponding key is highlighted with a blue backlight.

When making calls with the Smartcover closed, the volume button can be used as usual:

  • When the phone rings, tap the volume button to silence the ringtone of
    the incoming call.
  • During a call, the speaker volume can be increased or decreased with
    the volume key.
 How do I take a photo with the Smartcover closed?


This function is active when using the the Functions preset ("Quick Settings > Additional Settings > Smartcover > Functions").

Press the button with the camera symbol.

The function keys will change to provide the following camera options:

  • Flash function: choose between flash on, flash off and automatic flash.
  • Photo capture: Briefly press this button and the design in the cover window is saved as a photo.
  • Video recording: The video recording is started and only ends when you press the pause symbol or the stop symbol .
  • Press the red key to exit.

Tipp: Achten Sie darauf, dass das Fotoformat dem Fenster im Cover angepasst wird: Wenn Sie das Smartphone Hochformat halten, werden Fotos querformatig aufgenommen. Möchten Sie ein hochformatiges Foto aufnehmen, müssen Sie daher das Smartphone quer halten.

Where can I find the photos and videos?

All photos and videos are saved in the photo album.
To do this, unfold the Smartcover and open the photo album.

What else does the emporia Smartcover have to offer?

A very simple but very practical function on the emporia Smartcover is the torch. While you have to tap and swipe a few times on the display to operate the torch function, all you need to do is press a single button on the Smartcover.

  • Activate the Favourites preset ("Quick Settings - Additional Settings - Smartcover - Favourites").
  • Press the button with the torch symbol .
  • The integrated LED on the back of the smartphone is switched on and the torch symbol on the cover turns blue.

Tip: Don't forget to turn off the torch when you no longer need it, as the light consumes a lot of battery!


If you have set the alarm clock on your smartphone, the alarm clock symbol is displayed at the top of the window.
As soon as the alarm goes off, you will hear the alarm tone and the alarm display will appear in the Smartcover window.

  • Press the red button for Stop to switch off the alarm immediately.
  • Press the green button for snooze and the alarm tone is temporarily switched off. After five minutes the alarm clock will ring again.
Which symbols are visible when the cover is closed?

In the upper Smartcover window, the following symbols can be displayed in
the top section of the window display:

  • Info Centre: There are one or more notifications for new activities in the Info Centre.
  • Alarm clock: The alarm clock is activated. When the alarm goes off, you can switch the alarm off or put it into snooze mode with the red button or the green button in the smartcover.
  • Silent mode: The smartphone is in silent mode.
  • Flight mode: If Flight mode is activated, all radio functions such as telephony and Internet connection are switched off.

Tip: You can open the Smartcover at any time, the smartphone then automatically uses the entire display for the current function. If the Smartcover is closed the screen will lock if you are using password or face-ID lock. After passing the security, the display always shows the last function used prior to closing the cover.