Google Maps

Google Maps is the standard software when it comes to navigation by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot. Maps show over 220 countries and countless businesses and places. GPS data in real time as well as information on traffic conditions and public transport help every user to find their way quickly.

(1) Profile icon
Use the icon to open the app menu. Here you can manage your Google account or activate the incognito mode, among other things.

(2) Search bar
If you want to search for a specific location, you can enter it here.

(3) Location search
After tapping this button, the app determines your location and displays it in the form of a blue dot.

(4) Start navigation
Use this button to start the navigation function. Before starting the actual navigation, you must specify the destination and the means of transport used.

(5) Menu
This icon takes you to the route options. Here you can also add stopovers, set the start and arrival time, share the location as well as the route description.

(6) Destination
Here you enter the location to which you want the Google Maps app to navigate you from your current location.

(7) Choice of means of transport
In this line you specify the means of transport with which the route will be covered. Simply tap on the desired means of transport.

(8) Change view
Use this button to switch between standard, satellite and terrain view.

(9) Search function
After tapping the magnifying glass symbol
symbol, a search window opens in which you can search for various places, such as
such as restaurants or supermarkets, along the route.

(10) Route preview
This area shows you the available routes from your current location to your desired destination, including times. By default, Google Maps selects the fastest route.

(11) Start navigation
Directly after tapping this
button, Google Maps will start
starts the navigation.

(12) Route details
The "Details" button lists all roads to be travelled on the respective route in text form.

How do I search for a route with the navigation app?
  • Open the screen with the route planner by tapping on the start symbol icon (a) .
  • Select your mode of transport to start with:
    - Car
    - Public transport
    - Bicycle
    - On foot
  • Tap on "Your location" to enter your route's starting point. If you have activated GPS on your phone and your location has been detected, your phone will assume that this location is your starting point.
  • Tap on "Choose destination" to enter your destination address. Your phone will assist you when you enter your start and destination addresses.
  • The search for a route will begin automatically once you've entered your start and destination addresses. You can also start the search any time manually by tapping on "Search".
  • If you want to go back a step in the app because you want to change your start and/or destination addresses, for example, tap on the arrow (b) in the top left-hand corner.
  • The recommended route will now be marked out in blue. In addition, alternative routes will be shown in grey. If you would prefer to follow one of these grey routes, tap on it.

Tip: In the Options menu , you can set conditions for your route, such as the avoidance of toll roads if you're travelling by car.

How can my smartphone navigate me to my destination?
  • Once you're happy with the route, tap on the arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • You will now be led to your destination step by step. The current step is always shown at the top of the screen, with the next step underneath in smaller letters.
  • This arrow indicates your current location. When you move, the arrow will move too.
  • In addition to displaying your route on the screen, your phone will also give you audible instructions. This means you're not constantly having to look at the screen and can travel more safely.
  • If you zoom in to look at the route more closely before setting out or accidentally tap on the screen, you can return to the standard navigation screen by tapping on "Continue" at any time.

Tip: Never just blindly trust the information your navigation app gives you!
Your smartphone will display routes that are based on saved maps. If there are any traffic changes, it can often take a while before they're shown on the map.

7. Das Untermenü
Folgendes lässt sich hier erledigen:

(i) Untermenü öffnen
Durch einen Wisch nach oben öffnen Sie das Untermenü, welches wir nun näher erklären:

(j) Streckenfortschritt teilen
Sie können Ihren Standort während der Fahrt mit Freunden und Bekannten teilen.

(k) Entlang der Route suchen
Siehe Punkt c.

(l) Wegbeschreibung
Hier wird Ihre Route in Textform ausgegeben.

(m) Verkehr auf Karte zeigen
In farbigen Abstufungen wird Ihnen die Dichte des Verkehrs auf der Strecke gezeigt, wenn diese Option aktiviert ist.

(n) Satellitenkarte anzeigen
Ist diese Option eingeschaltet, wird Ihnen die Streckenkarte mittels Satellitenbildern geliefert.

(o) Einstellungen
Damit wechseln Sie in die weiterführenden Einstellungen von Google Maps.



7. the submenu
The following can be done here:

(i) Open the submenu
Swipe up to open the submenu, which we will now explain in more detail:

(j) Share route progress
You can share your location with friends and acquaintances while driving.

(k) Search along the route
See point c.

(l) Route description
Your route is displayed here in text form.

(m) Show traffic on map
The density of traffic on the route is shown to you in coloured gradations if this option is activated.

(n) Show satellite map
If this option is activated, the route map is provided to you using satellite images.

(o) Settings
This takes you to the advanced settings of Google Maps.

Explore the area with Google Maps

Especially when travelling, the function described here is very useful. Google Maps can show you restaurants, bars and attractions nearby.

1. Open tab
Immediately after starting Google Maps, open the selection tab by tapping on "Explore area".

2. Make a selection
Now a window opens in which you can directly select from categories such as "Italian restaurants", "Museums" and "Attractions". Depending on your selection, the corresponding results will be displayed on the map.

3. Further options
If the category you are looking for is not listed on the start screen, you can you are looking for, you can open a submenu by
tap on "More" to open a submenu.

4. Browse categories
Now you will be shown a large selection of different categories by which you can select and search your surroundings. Again, a simple tap will display the selection on the map.