Pay with your mobile - Google Pay

The simplest solution to use the smartphone as a digital bank card is Google Pay. This allows the bank account to be set up on the smartphone and, thanks to the built-in NFC chip, the smartphone can be used instead of the bank card at the terminal at the supermarket checkout.

Download app

First download the Google Pay app from the Play Store.

Deposit your bank card

After starting the app for the first time, follow the instructions that appear gradually on the display. This will allow you to directly deposit your bank card in the app. Depending on the provider, it may also be necessary to verify the account for payment with Google Pay.


If you previously made your purchases using a bank card and held it up to the terminal at the supermarket checkout, you can now do this with your mobile phone. All you need to do is unlock your smartphone and hold it up to the reader instead of your bank card. You don't even need to open the Google Pay app.