Google Play Store

Searching for apps in the Play Store


1. Play Store app
The Play Store app is located on your  home screen under the menu item „All Apps(a).
Tap on this and scroll down as far as „Play Store (a).

2. The search bar
Tap on "Play Store". When the app opens, you will see the search bar (b) at the top of the start screen.

3. Enter a search term
Let's assume you know which app you are looking for. When you activate the search box, the on-screen keyboard (c) will appear and you can enter your search term. As you type, the app suggests possible words (d).

Downloading apps


Once you have found the App of your choice, you can easily download and install it and get started straight away.

1. Install
If your preferred app is free and can be installed on your device, a green button labelled „Install(a) will appear. If there is a charge for the app, the price will be shown instead.

2. The installation process
During installation, the “Open(b) button is not active; when installation is complete, the button turns green and may be tapped to open the app for the first time (c) . The
new app will be listed with all the other apps in your tablet's app menu, and may be found by pressing the "All Apps" icon on the home screen.

Films, games and books


In addition to applications, Play Store offers games, films and books to download or stream.

1. The way to more fun
Play Store is first and foremost a resource for apps, of course, but other content is never far away: see the relevant buttons at the top left of the sidebar.

2. Games and more
These buttons take you to games (a), books (b) and films (c) in an instant. The search and download process is exactly as described above for apps.



Apps are enhanced and updated all the time, and most are free of charge to users. You can
check the update status of your apps by going to "My apps and games".

1. My apps and games
In the top right corner, you will see a round button containing your initials or profile picture (a).  Tap on this button. In the menu that follows, choose "My apps and games" (b).

2. Open apps and games
Now all of your apps and games will be displayed. Two types of updates are available. The fi rst type is for those requiring new access rights. These updates must be started manually (c). Updates that do not require any specific user intervention are generally performed automatically in the background and subsequently displayed in the "Recently updated" box  (d) .
To start updates manually, simply tap the "Update" button next to the relevant app (e).