Google Services

Google services are pre-installed on all Android devices and are mostly free of charge. The basic requirement is to set up a Google account.

What is the Google Account?

The term "account" is not to be understood financially but refers to a user account. You can think of it as a free membership that gives you access to certain services.

Google provides numerous apps on the internet; the Google search engine, for example, can be used without registering. Other apps can only be used if you are registered with Google. The Google account gives you access to all Google services for which you have to sign up:

Google Play Store
App, through which you can download other apps for smartphone and tablet

Google's free email account

Online portal for watching and uploading videos

Google Photos
Photo management and backup application

Google Drive
Cloud service for storing, sharing and managing data

Google Maps
Map service and navigation

Google Calendar

Google Translator

Google Assistant

Google News

How does the Google search work?

Today, the Google portfolio includes countless services, but at the centre of it all has been the search engine since 1998, with which you can find almost anything you can search for on the web.

The simple input interface has hardly changed since its creation. The mechanisms that work in the background have changed all the more.


So that Google can show you the information you are looking for, websites are indexed with so-called web crawlers. These always follow new web links and thus also find new sites through cross-references. The index is correspondingly gigantic.

So Google does not search the web again with every query, but rather the index that has already been created. This is then filtered according to your search terms.

How do I create a Google Account?

What you need:

  •     Internet connection (with WLAN or mobile data)

How to proceed:

  •     Step 1: Open Settings - Accounts - Add account - Google - Create account (For myself).
  •     Step 2: Enter your personal details
  •     Step 3: Select Gmail address (name can be freely chosen)
  •     Step 4: Create your own password
  •     Step 5: Privacy and terms, settings and shares for the Google account