Import contacts

If you have used a push-button phone so far, it is advisable to either use the SIM card or to export a vcf file (see descriptions in above chapters).

If the SIM card is too big for the new phone, the specialised trade can help. There they have a SIM card reader that can transfer the data from the old SIM card to the new SIM card.

Some manufacturers of push-button phones offer their own software that can be used to export the data from the smartphone. However, make sure that the data format is also read out correctly when it is read into the new phone. Otherwise, reworking the transferred data can be more work than entering everything again.

Transferring contacts with the SIM card from a key phone to a smartphone

The easiest way to transfer your old contacts to a new phone is via the SIM card. To do this, save all contacts on the SIM card on the old phone and then insert it into the smartphone.

If the old SIM card does not have the appropriate format, the data of the old SIM card can be transferred to the new SIM card using a SIM card reader. Specialist shops usually have such a device.

When you insert the SIM card into the new phone for the first time, the stored contacts are automatically recognised. You will be prompted to transfer the contacts to the phone. Afterwards, the imported contacts are displayed in the phone book.

To import contacts from the SIM card to the smartphone later, select Import/export contacts - Import from SIM card at the end of the list in the phone book.

Transferring contacts from a key phone to a smartphone with a VCF file

Save the contacts on your old phone in a vcf file and transfer them to the internal memory of the smartphone using an external memory card or a Bluetooth connection.

At the bottom of the list in the phonebook, select Import/Export Contacts - Import from Memory.

Transferring contacts from one smartphone to another

Back up the contacts in your Google account on your old smartphone.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Select the Accounts item in the list.
  • Find the Google Account, recognisable by the G symbol, and open it.
  • Select Account synchronisation.
  • Check that the synchronisation of contacts is allowed.
  • If necessary, tap on the slider to set the synchronisation to ON.

If you now enter the existing Google account in the new smartphone, all synchronised data will be transferred automatically.

Tipp: To set up the new smartphone, you absolutely need the password to your Google account.