emporia System Update

Why are there updates

Emporia is constantly developing the software for your smartphone and will send you a message whenever you need to perform an update. You can download the latest software for the phone yourself, update the system and improve applications.

When an update is available for the emporia software, you will receive a notification that is displayed in the Info Centre. It is important to carry out these updates! If you don't, some applications may no longer work properly.

What will happen if i don´t perform an update?

If you just ignore and delete notifications for updates, the technology on your smartphone will no longer be up to the latest standard, meaning any known security holes and function errors won't be resolved. You will also keep receiving notifications asking you to perform the update.


can an update also have an negative effect?

Every update requires storage space on your phone. Older models in particular may slow down as the years go by because of their operating system and apps taking up so much space. If this occurs, delete apps and also other files such as photos, videos and the like from your phone to free up storage space.

Ho to perform a system update on the smartphone?

Performing the update is not difficult. Take about 15 minutes to complete the steps and do not interrupt the process under any circumstances.

  • Establish an internet connection with a Wi-Fi network. If you do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, you can also perform the update via a mobile data connection.
  • Check that the battery is at least 30 % charged, otherwise the download cannot start.
  • Tap the update notification or open "All Apps - System Updates".
  • Tap on "Check update". Then start transferring the existing data by tapping "Download".
  • When the download is complete, tap "Update Now" to install the update.
  • A message will appear. Read it carefully and then tap "OK".
  • The update process will now start and may take some time. The smartphone is restarted and then updates many apps. Please do not interrupt this process, even if it takes a little longer!
  • When the update is finished, you will receive a message stating that the installation was successful. Close this message with "OK".