Install WhatsApp

Before you can use WhatsApp, a couple of steps are required.

1. WhatsApp installieren
Firstly, open App Installer or Google Play store to locate the WhatsApp application. Download and install WhatsApp.

2. WhatsApp öffnen
Firstly tap „All Apps(a), scroll down and select „WhatsApp(b).

3. Enter a phone number
Although WhatsApp works with Wi-Fi, and independently of your SIM card, the service is linked to an existing mobile number that you need to specify the fi rst time you use
the service (c). This must be the number of the SIM card inserted to the tablet and not your mobile phone.

4. Enter the verification code
Enter your mobile number in the relevant field. You will be asked to check you have entered it correctly. Wait for an SMS containing a code that you must enter in the text field that appears (d). You are now ready to use WhatsApp.

Your first chat

As soon as WhatsApp is set up, you're ready to go. Start by opening a chat with a person of your choice.

1. Contact list
WhatsApp accesses the list of contacts on your mobile device. This needs to happen before you can get started.

2. Possible contacts
Based on your personal phone book, WhatsApp verifi es which of your contacts also use the service. In the chat window (which is still blank), tap the green button in the lower right corner (a). Your stored contacts will appear (b). Choose the person you wish to chat to.

3. Start writing
The rest is simplicity itself. Type your message in the input field (c) and send it by pressing the 'Send' button (d).

Sending photos

In WhatsApp, you can take and send photos directly. Even during a chat, this function is close at hand.

1. Sending photos
Wir befinden uns in einem laufenden Chat. Rechts im Textfenster finden Sie eine kleine Schaltfläche mit Kamera-Symbol (a). Um direkt ein Foto zu knipsen, tippen Sie diese an. Alternativ tippen Sie auf das Büroklammer-Symbol (b) und anschließend auf „Galerie“ (c) und wählen ein bereits aufgenommenes Foto aus Ihrer Bildersammlung aus.

During a chat, you will see a small button with a camera symbol (a) to the right of the text input field. To take an instant photo, tap this button. Alternatively, you can tap the paperclip symbol (b) followed by 'Gallery' (c). Then you can choose an existing photo from your collection.

2. Confirm
Sobald Sie ein Foto ausgewählt haben, erscheint eine Vorschau. Auf Wunsch können Sie das Bild vor dem Versand noch entsprechend kommentieren. Das gewohnte Textfeld steht hierfür bereit. Durch Antippen des Pfeils in der rechten, unteren Ecke (d) schicken Sie das Foto ab. Nach dem Versenden wird das Bild in Form einer Miniaturansicht im Chatfenster (e) dargestellt.

When you select a photo, a preview appears. If you wish, before sending a picture, you can add a comment in the familiar text field. Send your photo by tapping the arrow in the bottom right corner (d). After sending, a smaller version of the image will be shown in the chat window (e).

WhatsApp Groups

If you want to chat with several persons who may be far apart geographically, you can form a WhatsApp group in which you can chat together.

1. New group
Tap the three dots menu in the top right corner (a) and then select 'New group' (b) .

2. Contacts
The contact list described above will appear. Here, choose the participants you want to invite to the group. The contacts you select will appear in the upper part of the window (c). Then tap the arrow symbol in the bottom right (d).

3. Group name
To help you fi nd the group you created again, it is useful to give it a name. WhatsApp therefore prompts you to assign a suitable name to your group (e).


If you want to send the same message to several persons, there is no need to create a new group. All you need is the Broadcast function.

1. (Almost) the same again
The procedure is very similar to that used for creating a group. Simply tap on 'New broadcast' (a) and add the persons (b) who will receive the message. There is no need to assign a group name this time.

2. Send message
Once you have selected the contacts to broadcast to, simply tap the green tick at the bottom of the screen and then write your message (c). Finally, tap the ‘send’ button (d)and your message will be sent immediately to all the contacts you selected (e).