TH-21ABB comfort phone SET

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display, cordless: 38x26 mm, landline: 74x28 mm
  • Calls made simple and extra-large keys
  • Provides a secure listening experience, M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility and extra volume (+30 dB)
  • Negative display for more contrast and a display that's easier to read
  • Very easy to use and has a digital voicemail

Delivery in 2-5 business days

Outstanding product features:

  • Negative display for more contrast and a display that's easier to read
  • Giant keys and very easy to use
  • Caller display
  • Caller list for up to 30 entries
  • Extra volume (+30 dB)
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Fully digital voicemail

Digital system benefits (like those of ISDN)

  • Call waiting, toggling, and consultation function
  • 3-party conference calls
  • Automatic callbacks if the line is busy (CCBS)
  • Call forwarding and appointment calls

CLIP caller display:

  • Shows the caller's number
  • Also shows the name if the caller is stored in the phone book
  • Caller list for up to 30 entries
  • Date and time of calls (real time from the phone network)
  • Displays new or all calls
  • Callback option from the caller list

Storing/programming and backing up

  • Electronic phone book
  • 3 speed-dial keys on the comfort phone
  • Redial
  • Auto redial if the line is busy

Indicators and alerts:

  • Large LCD display; negative display for better contrast (illuminated display for 15 letters and 15 numbers plus 1 line of symbols)
  • Extra volume (+30 dB)
  • Adjustable ringer volume
  • Adjustable hands-free volume
  • Microphone on mute
  • Multilingual menus (English, German, Français, Italiano, Español, Portugues, Pyccknñ and Türkçe)


  • Dialling with the handset on the hook / hands-free
  • Dialling preparation / block dialling with an option to correct/edit the number
  • R key for OES performance features or PBXs
  • PBX-capable and adjustable flash time

Digital voicemail:

  • No tape wear, because messages will be recorded digitally
  • No time-consuming fast-forwarding and rewinding of the tape
  • Clear digital voice quality
  • Also suitable for PBX systems


  • 2 standard announcements already recorded (recording mode and announcement-only mode)
  • 2 individualised announcements


  • Recording for up to 60 minutes
  • Internal message (memo)
  • VOX function (voice control for incoming messages)

Show voicemail:

  • New messages (LED)
  • All messages
  • Memory full
  • LED to show when voicemail is on or off


  • Voicemail can be switched off (indicator)
  • Number of rings allowed before a call goes to through to the voicemail can be adjusted


  • Only play new messages or play all messages
  • Delete individual messages or all messages
  • Skip (forward and back while listening to messages)
  • Repeat or skip messages

Remote access:

  • 4-digit security code
  • Play, repeat, delete individual messages, skip forward and back, check/change announcement, and turn voicemail on/off